PPC Training for Flight Booking Call Generation

PPC Training for Flight Booking Call generation: Do you have a travel agency and searching for experts who can provide qualified flight booking leads? What if you can generate high-quality flight booking calls on your own for your travel business?

Best PPC Training for Airlines Booking Call Generation

At Travel PPC marketing we helped many travel agencies generate flight booking calls through Google ads campaigns for airlines booking. Travel agencies rely on high-quality air ticketing calls and if you are not getting those calls then it might be frustrating. So, if you are willing to generate flight booking calls at a lesser CPC then we can guide you with the best PPC strategies for flight booking calls.

What PPC Training for Flight Booking do we provide?

Here we have mentioned some modules that we are going to cover under the PPC Training for Flight Booking call generation:

Basic PPC Strategy to Create Airlines Flight Booking Campaign

  • Importance of PPC advertising for the travel industry
  • Overview of keywords, keyword research, ad creation, targeting, bidding, and optimization.

Landing Page – The Important Role of Website in PPC

  • Importance of a well-designed and optimized landing page in PPC campaigns.
  • How to create landing pages according to Google guidelines and how to make them relevant, user-friendly, and optimized for conversions.

Flight booking Keyword Research

  • How to conduct keyword research to identify high-quality, relevant keywords for the travel campaign without any brand violation.
  • Tools and resources for conducting keyword research effectively.

What are Negative Keywords and their Importance in travel campaigns?

  • Why are negative keywords important in airlines flight booking campaigns?
  •  how can it improve campaign relevance and efficiency?

Crafting Attractive Ad Copy with High CTR

  • What are the best practices for creating ad copy that attracts clicks and drives conversions for the airlines campaigns.

Ad Extensions for Increasing CTR

  • Overview of ad extensions and how they enhance ad visibility and engagement.
  • Explanation of different types of ad extensions (e.g., site links, callouts, structured snippets) and how to use them effectively.

Bidding Strategy for Getting Low CPC

  • Introduction to bidding strategies and their impact on cost-per-click (CPC) in Travel PPC campaigns.
  • Tips for optimizing bidding strategies to achieve lower CPC and maximize return on investment (ROI).

Types of Ads – Search Ads & Call Only Ads

  • Explanation of different types of PPC ads, including search ads and call-only ads.
  • How to create search ads and call-only ads and their best strategies.

Types of Keywords Match Types

  • Overview and importance of keyword match types i.e. broad match, phrase match, exact match
  • How to select appropriate match types based on campaign objectives and targeting preferences.

When and How to Optimize the Campaign?

  • Guidance on when and how to optimize PPC campaigns for improved performance and results.

How to Reactivate Suspended Accounts?

  • Why do flight booking accounts go into suspension and how to prevent it?
  • How to reactivate airlines suspended Google Ads accounts due to policy violations?

How to complete Advertiser Verification?

  • What is advertiser verification and requirements for the verification?
  • How to complete advertiser verification of travel campaigns?

Why choose us For PPC Training for Flight Booking Call Generation?

We have a team of professionals who have been managing flight booking campaigns and generating high-quality leads through PPC services.

Travel Industry Expert

We have more than 5 years of experience in managing PPC flight booking campaigns for airlines. Through our proven strategies in managing travel campaigns, we can help you optimize your campaign that would give you quality flight booking, flight cancellation, flight change, etc. calls.

Practical Implementation

We don’t believe in providing theoretical knowledge of ppc training for flight booking calls generation, it would be given practically. We will create a Google ads account and the training will be provided practically on that account with the proven ppc marketing strategies for airlines booking calls.

Proven Strategies

We work on proven strategies that our Google ads experts for flight booking using the live campaigns through which they were generating calls.

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