How to Fix Airlines Google Ads account Suspended for Circumventing system?

Airlines Google ads account suspended for circumventing system: Are you a travel agency whose Google ads For flight booking campaign suspended due to circumventing policy? It is considered to be a serious violation and around 90% of the individuals who run Google ads were facing this issue and found it difficult to recover their accounts.

Airlines Google ads account suspended for circumventing system
Google Ads Account Reactivated
Account Suspended due to Circumventing
Airlines Google Ads Campaign Reactivated
Flight Booking campaign Suspended
Flight Booking Campign Reactivated

At Travel PPC marketing we have helped our clients to revive their Google ads flight booking campaigns from suspension. If you are also looking for someone to revive your Google Ads flight booking campaigns then Contact Us Today.

Circumventing systems refer to where advertisers were trying to violate or trick Google rules to get an unfair advantage or manipulate the ad performance.

If your Travel Calls Airline flight booking Google ads account suspended under the “Google ads Circumventing policy, compromised website, malicious softwareUnpaid Balance, or unacceptable business practices policythen Travel PPC Marketing can help you to retrieve your accounts.

Why Google Ads Account Suspended For Circumventing Systems in Travel PPC Campaigns?

The most common reasons for Airlines Google ads Account suspension due to circumventing systems are:

  • Campaigns or websites showing misleading information that violates Google policies and
  • Accounts, websites, Emails, or IPs that have a history of violations.

Why Choose Travel PPC Marketing to restore Travel Google ads Account Suspended For circumventing system?

Our Experts are working with many travel agencies and we have helped them to revive their Airlines Google ads account suspended due to circumventing system.

  • Expertise: At Travel PPC Marketing we have a team of Google ads experts with special knowledge in Google ads policy compliance and account recovery.
  • Proven Record: We have assisted many clients in recovering the suspended accounts under circumventing system policy.
  • Clear Communication: At travel PPC marketing we have full transparency with the clients our team will communicate with you and keep you updated regarding the process.
  • Updated on Policy changes: Our team is updated about the policies and guidelines. So we will work according to those guidelines.

What are the Violations Under circumventing systems Suspension?

Cloaking Techniques

Cloaking refers to displaying different content to specific people including Google than to other users that try to mess with Google review systems, or hide or attempt to hide non-compliance with Google Ads policies i.e:

  • Redirection to non-compliant content
  • Insert dynamic DNS to switch to another page or ad content
  • Manipulating the content or restricting access
  • Using click trackers to redirect users to malicious sites

Violating Ad, being denied multiple times:

If your ads have been denied constantly due to violations then you must fix them immediately because leaving ads for a long time might be a reason that can cause suspension.

Creating violate ad

  • If you have shown violated ads or violated content through Google Ads product features.
  • If you are creating different versions of banned websites, content, or ads to avoid disclosure enforcement processes (involving this or any other Google ads policy) such as having different accounts leading to one final URL or using domains and tolls that are hacked.
  • Text Manipulation using different languages such as: Intentionally misspelling words and changing trademarks.

How to fix Travel Campaign Google Ads Account suspended for Circumventing System?

If your Google Ads for airlines call campaign has been suspended due to Circumventing System then you can follow these steps:

  • Review the Ads and website: Identify the ads or the website content that has been violated. Check if there is any violation elements like cloaking misleading ad content, or attempts to redirect the ad review process.
  • Make changes: If you have detected any violation in the ads or website content then make changes, and make sure that it must fulfill the policy and guidelines of Google. Remove all the techniques that can be considered as circumventing systems.
  • Submit an Appeal: Once you have made all the changes in the ad and the website request an appeal and provide all the necessary information regarding the account.

If you are still unable to fix or reactivate flight booking Google ads account suspended for circumventing system then you can contact us. We have retrieved many suspended accounts.

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