Google Ads for Airlines Calls Advertising

Airline Calls Advertising: Do you run a Travel Agency & looking for some airline calls? Looking for someone who can setup PPC campaigns for Airlines call generation to generate your own calls?

Travel PPC Marketing is here to help you with all your Airline Marketing Services.

There are many stricter policy updates from Google AdWords Platform for SEM Travel Industry Advertisers, it has been difficult for various PPC advertisers to run Flight booking ads. Doing Aviation PPC Management has become a big task for the PPC marketers who wish to generate Airline calls for their Air Ticketing business.

Travel PPC Marketing has come up with all the solutions for PPC services for the Travel Industry. As Certified Google Partners, we are here to help you with the airline call generation services.

Why Google AdWords for Flight Booking Lead Generation?

Google AdWords has always been the best platform for Aviation call generation through Aviation Ad Campaigns. The relevant online booking ads appear in the search results driving traffic to your business.

Our Travel PPC Specialists, with their best Airline SEM strategies, help you to get the Quality Calls for your travel business. We expertise in airline call campaign management for Flight booking Calls for:

  • US Domestic & International
  • Canada
  • UK
  • India to US & Vice-Versa

Types of Google Ads for Airline Calls

There are different types of PPC ads formats that allow you to generate airline calls for your travel business. We would be focusing on the two major Flight booking PPC Ads that can help you generate the best revenue:

Airlines Paid Search Ads: The ads allow the consumers to visit your Air Ticketing websites and book tickets for their destinations. The consumers can also contact you through the website by contacting the support or filling the query forms attached to your website.

Airline Call Ads: The ads help you generate direct Inbound Flight booking calls for Aviation industry. We create the ads in a manner that helps the consumers to call you directly by clicking the ads. The customers can directly call the agency for airlines reservations, changes or cancellations.

What are the Best Google Ads Airline Call Strategy?

Looking for the best strategies for your Airline Call campaign management? We need to follow a strategic approach to maximize the output of our PPC campaigns for Airline Reservation Calls. Let’s start with the requirements first.

Requirements for the Airline Call Advertising:

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • Company Documents
  • Toll-Free Number
  • Card Details

Proven Techniques for Flight Booking Inbound Call Generation

Aviation Landing Page Optimization

The Landing pages to be used in the PPC ads shall be designed in a manner that encourage the consumers to take certain actions. If you are running call ads, the landing pages should be mobile optimized.
A landing page must be readable with clear messages. Travel PPC Marketing helps you create landing pages according to the UI & UX guidelines of Google. Proper Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons are displayed, allowing ease to the consumers to connect with you.

Refined Targeting

To target the right audience, you need to implement the correct Airline Keywords optimization strategies. The advertisers can use Geo-targeting to be more specific or in case of competitive flight booking offers.

We analyse the Demographics, Interests and Behaviour of the consumers while choosing the right keywords for your PPC Ads.
Some of the Best Flight Booking Keywords we use, to increase the Airline Ads Click-Through Rate (CTR Score) are as follows:

Budget Management

Google Ads Airline Call Bids Adjustments and Budget Allocations are important aspects of your Airline Call Lead Optimization. We understand and allocate more funds during the peak booking times to generate you the return on investment.

Analysing the Campaigns

Google Ads airline call performance shall be tracked regularly. We track the campaigns regularly and make optimizations to the ads on the daily basis to improve the CTR score of the Ads.

Travel PPC Marketing & Airline PPC Ad Services

Travel PPC Marketing is a certified Google Ads Partner. We have 5+ years’ experience in the Pay-per-click and SEO industry. We have a team of Google and Bing Certified professionals that help you build the best campaigns to increase your Airline call ad positioning.

We expertise in providing you cost effective PPC solutions for your Airline flight booking agency. We have proven track records of providing more than 75% increase in the overall ROI.

Travel PPC Marketing can help you in the Flight Call AdWords Campaign Setup and Management. In case you already have a Google Ads campaign for your travel agency, our experts can aid you in the Airline campaign management.

Benefits of Working with Us:

  • Expert solutions
  • Proven Results
  • 100% increase ROI
  • Proper Assistance
  • Real Time Campaign Updates
  • Daily Reports
  • 100% Genuine Quality Calls
  • Increased ROI

Why Choose Travel PPC Marketing?

As a Certified Google Partner, Travel PPC Marketing offers you the best PPC Services for Airline Industry to generate your flight booking calls. Our team of Expert PPC Specialists, understand the Airline Industry and help create tailored campaigns according to your requirements.

What makes us different?

Proven Track Records

We have served numerous clients in the Aviation industry helping them increase the flight booking calls revenue by an average of 75%. Both Quantity and Quality has been the points of focus of our Travel PPC specialists, while catering the clients.

Tailored Campaign Strategies

Aviation Ad Campaigns require tailored strategies according to the client requirements. Our experts take time to learn about your goals and objectives and create strategies accordingly to improve your Airline Call Ad Rank.

Increased Flight Booking Calls

We do a complete airline call traffic analysis and get you the maximum quality traffic for Airline Reservations, Changes or Cancellations. The campaigns are created to upgrade the Airline Call Ad Positioning thereby increasing your inbound flight booking call flow.

Enhanced Conversion Rates

Our team optimizes your campaigns on daily basis by analysing your Airline Call Conversion Tracking goals. We try to get you the target CTR scores thereby improving your overall performance. The quality calls enhance your conversion rates. We have improved the client conversion rates by 40%.

In-depth Keyword Research

We completely analyse the latest trends in the travel industry and perform an in-depth Airline Call SERP Analysis. After the complete process of analysing and understanding the trends, we find out the best keywords for airline calls generation. We further optimize the Travel Industry Ad groups accordingly to bring the maximum outputs.

Reduced Costs

The right airline keyword targeting and Google Ads airline call bids adjustments can impact your campaign positively. Along with these, our travel PPC experts find out the best strategies for your aviation business and implement them to reduce your airline calls CPC (cost-per-click).

Verified Accounts

Our professionals complete the Business Operations Verification for your Airlines AdWords Account for the smooth running of the campaigns. We also submit our documents along with yours to authorize your Travel Agency. 99% of the clients working with us are completely verified.

Regular Campaign Analysis

We provide daily updates to our clients about their account. The Airline call campaigns are analysed regularly and thereby, daily optimizations are made to the campaigns. This results in higher airline call ad ranks and positioning which brings in higher conversions at reduced costs.

Landing Page Optimizations

Our web-development team for the aviation industry is known for creating the best air ticketing websites and landing pages. The Aviation landing pages are created in a manner to encourage the consumers to take some action on the website.

All the UI/UX guidelines are taken care of when creating landing pages for travel. These landing pages further create relevancy for the airline PPC campaigns.

How We Reactivate Suspended Airline Accounts?

Wish to know how we deal with Google Ads suspensions for Airline Ads accounts? Let’s highlight the main points.

With the upcoming stricter policies of Google Ads, a lot of accounts are facing suspensions. There are numerous reasons for suspensions like:

  • Google Ads account Suspended due to Suspicious Payments or Unpaid balance
  • Google Ads account Suspended due to Circumventing Policies
  • Google Ads account Suspended due to Unacceptable Business Practices Policies

But no need to worry! Travel PPC Marketing has an experience with dealing in such suspensions. We read the all the policies and guidelines of the platform for you and make such amendment in the campaigns to avoid any suspensions.

In case the Airline account gets suspended, we legitimately appeal for the suspension, understanding the reasons for the same. We submit all the required documents required along-with the appeal form. After verifying the details, the accounts get reactivated.

Our team of Aviation PPC specialists, have reactivated numerous airlines suspended accounts and got them verified also for the smooth business operations.


Google Ads is a powerful tool for Airline Calls. With the tailored strategies and Aviation PPC Management Partners, the travel agencies can easily generate 100% genuine inbound flight booking calls.

Travel PPC Marketing is a certified Google Ads partner, that can help you reach your goals and increase your ROI by 40%. Let’s join hands and grow together!

You can contact us for any further enquiries regarding the Google Ads Services for Airline Calls.

Call us at: +91-8837892075

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